No problems at all. Worked out great.
- Jim - 07-07-2016

I was treated very politely even though I didn't have a clue how domain sales work. The person I dealt with was very patient and helped me with my purchase. Thanks!
- Lisa McDonald - 07-03-2016

QuickPush is terrific. I would def use them.
- @blitzER - 07-03-2016

No complaints with their PayPal service or the transfer. Provided code right away and the transfer went right through. It was just like any of the bigger resellers.
- Steven from Cleveland - 07-01-2016

Very professional.
- P.P. - 06-29-2016

I was surprised that the whole process was completed in less than 24 hours from when I first talked to them. It is nice to have things go so smoothly for a change!
- Stephanie Wilks - 06-28-2016

Great company
- T. - 05-28-2016

Great service and very friendly staff. Liked that I could call direct and talk to the same person. My rep was very good.
- Bill A. - 05-26-2016

I will be using QuickPush again. They were excellent. Fast, professional, and cheap. It was a perfect experience.
- Amir - 04-14-2016

Really happy I decided to do business with these guys. I was nervous but they couldn't have been better. Payment and transfer went right through. Thanks again to Brandon. The whole process was cake.
- @chomby - 03-04-2016

Good service and no problems with transfer. The whole thing was very smooth and now I've got a great domain name. Thanks Again!
- Rickie - 02-27-2016